Key Features:

1. Weighs less than half a pound

2. 3-axis stabilisation system

3. 4K video

4. 94° lens

ROLLCAP Pocket Gimbal Camera

Film memories on the go.

Leave no more worry about shaky hands while moving around in any condition. Show off your sporty side without blur, make fleeting family memories last a lifetime, record unforgettable nights and share your exploration of the world.

Weighs less than half a pound

With ROLLCAP, worry no more about shaky hands while moving around.

It combines a built-in 3-axis stabilization system with ZEROTECH’s Precise Gimbal Control Technology for smooth videos.

Slice of Life Videos in 4K

What you see is what you get. The 4K video capture and 94° lens in ROLLCAP empowers you to take videos or photos in impressive detail, capturing life as it is.

Bring Your Vision to Life

ROLLCAP puts a professional video crew in your pocket, combining video capture, stabilization and post production in one gimbal camera.

Bring your vision to life by filming, adding special effects or editing on the go. Also includes the following features; slow motion, burst mode, time lapse, self-timer and HDR.

Start Shooting with One Click

Using ROLLCAP is simpler than ever. All it takes is only one button to start shooting. Control ROLLCAP from your phone or on the camera. Steady shots, ready to upload to social media with one click

Accessories for Hands Free Capture

Go hands-free by mounting ROLLCAP to an extension or anything you can imagine. ROLLCAP is compatible with various accessories.


  • Dimension: 112.5 x 55 x 55 mm
  • Total Weight: 219g

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