About Us

Mission Statement: To bring cutting-edge technology to the consumer retail and World Wide DUTY FREE market through:

  • Latest Technology
  • Leading Innovation
  • Ground Breaking Concepts
  • Inspirational Design
  • Extensive Research & Development
  • Solid and Reliable Supply Chain
  • Excellent Customer Service

FBG was formed as a product development company bringing cutting-edge and advanced technology to the retail consumer electronics and Duty Free market.

A British organisation based in London its first product launch was the Powerstrap - a wrist strap made up of a series of batteries to keep portable devices fully charged while on the move, including all of the main mobile phone manufacturers, iPods, Sony PSP, Nintendo DS, digital cameras and much more.

FBG has a wide and varied technology background which allows the birth of new and innovative ideas that are then released into the retail technology sector.

FBG products are manufactured to exacting standards and specifications within their facilities in the far east. The manufacturing process is overseen by senior personnel from the organization in the UK and all directives in design and manufacturing originate from FBG.

FBG priority for its suppliers and resellers is to offer them a commendable level of customer service and a solid reliable supply chain as well as the next new exciting products.